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Login data for PETA’s media library:

Username: PETADE
Passcode: Mediathek


General Terms of Use for All Pictures, Videos, and Audio Data Provided by PETA Germany

Pictures, videos, and audio data – hereafter referred to as “media” – provided by PETA Germany through its media library or otherwise may be used free of charge under the following conditions. By downloading the files, these terms of use are being accepted.

1. Use

The media may only be used for purposes serving the animal rights message as well as for neutral journalistic reports. Using them for other purposes is prohibited. Especially, the media must not be used for advertising purposes or other commercial purposes without PETA Germany’s explicit approval.

2. Credit

Every use/publication of the media requires clear mentioning of the copyright owner named as “provider (credit)” (or at the end of the file name) in the media library as the media’s source. This may be done as a caption, text overlay in the picture, or verbally. Also, if the media are combined with material from other sources, it has to be made clear where the single parts originate from.

3. Circulation

Passing media on to third parties is generally prohibited. The media may not be entered into media data bases accessible by third parties without PETA Germany’s explicit approval.

4. Editing

The medias’ meta data may not be edited. Limited editing like changing the picture size or color information is permissible. However, the media may not be altered or taken out of context to an extent that makes them lose their original message.

5. Validity

The terms of use granted may be withdrawn by PETA Germany any time without giving reasons. However, this will not occur randomly or without a particular reason.

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