The following information is intended to give you a basic idea regarding projects and organizations that our funding is intended for.

Please consider that this funding is intended to tackle the problem of insufficient quantity of paid working hours in the animal rights movement. Our purpose is to give activists a chance to build up their organization.

We are interested in supporting a variety of animal rights projects. However, to make the application process as efficient as possible, we ask you to consider the following principals.

The funding project is intended to fund

  1. Organizations registered as a legal entity and holding non-profit status from EU member states, namely Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.
  2. Organizations that work towards ending the use of animals for food, clothing, research or entertainment, and promote a cruelty free lifestyle
  3. Organizations which developed basic structures, set work goals and developed a plan to reach them.
  4. Organizations that seek systemic or individual change to reach their goals.
  5. Organizations working both on single-issue as well as other forms of campaigns.
  6. The sustainable development and growth of organizations.

We are unable to fund the following projects:

  1. Organizations pursuing goals contrary to PETA’s values and mission statement and/or that involve any form of using animals.
  2. Organizations that benefit from animal exploitation.
  3. For-profit organizations/projects.
  4. We intend to specifically fund working hours for activists in organizations. That is why we are unable to fund equipment such as computers, tablets, offices or any other equipment.
  5. Activists who are not working with an organization registered as a legal entity and/or without a non-profit status.