PETA | Year of Change

About The Programme

In 2017, PETA Germany created the Year of Change grantee programme for animal rights projects and campaigns in Central and Eastern Europe in order to support local organisations in their animal rights work as well as to foster cooperation between PETA and other organisations. It’s wonderful that so many effective, serious animal rights groups have emerged over the last decade – they’ve been successful not only in taking a stand against animal exploitation in its various forms but also in informing the public about animal-friendly choices and promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle.

In some of these countries, the organisations have achieved important bans on abusive and exploitative practices and other victories – so that the countries have become some of the first in Europe to vote on and implement animal-friendly changes. We are also aware of the many difficulties and obstacles that Eastern European groups face. This is why we decided to launch our Year of Change programme – the first initiative of its kind, aimed solely at supporting the development of animal advocacy groups in the region. By funding this work, we aim to encourage the development of more and more successful organisations, thereby creating a better future for animals across all borders, all around the world.