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Year of Change

Year of Change

Information on and support for animal rights advocacy in Eastern Europe, a project of PETA Germany


We fund your animal rights advocacy! Organisations from 30 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and the Baltics can apply in May every year for one year’s funding of their work.


We offer information, teaching materials, literature, photos, and videos—all on a variety of animal rights topics.


If your organisation is working on a project aiming to end the cruelty to animals used in experiments, in agriculture, in the clothing industry, or for entertainment purposes, contact us about the possibility of working together.

For decades, PETA has been using campaigns and other actions to spread awareness of cruelty to animals, pushing for legislative changes, and helping to win recognition of animal rights as an important social justice issue. PETA does not have offices or employees in most countries, so existing PETA entities try their best to support the animal rights work in countries located in their geographical region. PETA Germany coordinates with and supports groups in countries located in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltics, and the Caucasus. We have been gratified to see that in recent years, more and more animal advocacy groups have been springing up around the world, especially in Eastern Europe.

This webpage offers an overview of information and resources covering a variety of topics to animal rights and welfare activists and organisations interested in further developing their skills and capacities and expanding their work. Topics include book recommendations, resources to make your advocacy efficient, and suggestions and templates for school lessons on the topics of compassion and empathy towards animals. Registered animal rights and welfare organisations are also eligible to apply for PETA’s Year of Change programme (see below). If you have an idea for a particular project or a campaign in one of the 30 countries listed in the guidelines, contact us for more information or support!